Gillian Muir has been teaching riding and training horses for over 26 years, including
serving as equestrian director for NBPS for five years. Jill teaches students and
trains horses, specializing in Dressage, at Blue Sky Stables in Boca Raton, Florida.
She also works with WR Ranch’s Gypsy Vanner horses at their Parkland site.

Jill has an affinity for children and teenagers, but also starts many adults back on the
equestrian trail. She individualizes her equestrian program to each student,
emphasizing development of self-esteem, self-confidence, cooperation, empathy
and goal-setting, as well as horse-care and horsemanship skills. Jill works hard to
aid her students in developing a loving partnership with their horses.  She also
believes in cross training: both horses and students should have a basic knowledge
of both jumping and dressage as well as be able to go out and enjoy the trails. Her
students have gone on to participate successfully in local shows, ride with college
equestrian teams, and even ride professionally. Gillian is particularly interested in
matching the needs of her students with rescued horses, as the riders become ready
for ownership.   

Jill sums up her philosophy with this statement; “I don’t want to teach my students just
how to sit on a horse, I want to teach them how horses think and help them develop
an empathy for all living things. When they understand their horses, they can stay
safe and have a good time when they ride.”

In her other accomplishments, she has participated in clinics with Mary Wanless,
Greta Wrigley, Klaus Bauchenholz, and Kyra Kirkland. She was a founding member
of Parkland Horseman’s Association (PHA) With the first horse that she trained, Ali
Haji-Sheik, Jill won PHA’s 1991 Year-end High Point and 1993 Reserve Champion
in both First Level and Training Level, as well as GCDA’s 1994 Reserve Champion
Breed Award and Third Place, First Level. Her second horse, LJR Caviarr, finished
the GCDA 1997-1998 season with a Champion at First Level (Professional),
Reserve Champion Arabian Breed, and the Hubert Rohrer Memorial Trophy.  
She has also earned a Qualified Rider award from the United States Dressage
Federation (USDF).